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Star Spangled Spectacular Parade 2019 - Lakeshore Cyclery

Our History

Lakeshore Cyclery has been putting families on bicycles for four generations for a combined 82 years. Customers from a tri-state area and beyond come to Lakeshore Cyclery for their years of top-notch service and selection of bicycles and accessories and their bicycle museum. This type of expertise did not come over night, read more to learn about where we started!

Our History - Lakeshore Cyclery & Fitness

1st Generation

After the Great Depression, money was tight and the major form of transportation was the bicycle. It was a struggle for people to afford new bicycles so Fred Godfredson opened R & F Bike Shop in Austin, Minnesota out of a two-stall garage. He serviced and sold refurbished bicycles and ran the business by himself until his son returned from the war.

2nd Generation

Fred’s son Russell Godfredson returned from World War II to join his father. He later bought the business and moved the store across town. Russell became known for selling Whizzer bikes, Vespa Scooters, Raleigh, and was one of the biggest Schwinn dealers in the State. R & F Bike Shop closes its doors after 57 years in Austin, Minnesota.

3rd Generation

Opening Lakeshore Cyclery back in 1985, Russell's son Larry has came a long ways in the family business. He has carried many brands over the years starting with Panasonic, Schwinn, and Raleigh to name a few. Larry is passionate in the bicycle business and guarantees to have the best service, quality, and warranty in the industry.

4th Generation

The start of a new generation into the business, Riley has been working in the store since he was a kid and now has graduated college with a degree in business and in leisure outdoor recreation. He is looking forward to the future of the bicycle industry and plans to expand the family business to multiple locations.

Fred Godfredson

Originally from Denmark, Fred made his way to the states and eventually moved to Austin, Minnesota, where he then opened R & F Bike Shop in 1938 to help where he could in the tough times with no money and four kids.

Russ Godfredson

He was a part of the "500 Club" and "1000 Club" for selling the most Schwinn Bicycles in a year and amassed one of the largest bicycle collectors known at the time.

Larry Godfredson

Owner of Lakeshore Cyclery in Storm Lake, Iowa. In recent years Lakeshore was voted Top 100 Bicycle Dealer in the U.S. He will be celebrating 35 years in May of 2020.

Riley Godfredson

He is a certified Shimano & Bosch e-Bike technician and has recently graduated from the University of Northern Iowa. He has returned full time looking to continue the family business and it's many traditions.