%u2B50%uFE0F%u2B50%uFE0FUnder 5’2” looking for a steal on a road bike this year? 
We have just what you are looking for!

%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA51 LEFT IN STOCK%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5
Women’s custom fit 44cm Cannondale CARBON Synapse 105 components! %uD83D%uDEB2

Originally $1,749.99
%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5NOW $1,449.99!!! Savings of over $300.00! (Base Bike Price)

Custom wheels! 
20 Speed! 
105 Shimano Components! 
Matte grey with light blue accents!

%uD83D%uDEB4‍%u2640%uFE0F%uD83D%uDEB4‍%u2642%uFE0FWe give a custom fit on the trainer to make sure you are 100% comfortable before you walk out of the store.
(Any change of parts made during the professional fit will be additional charge.)

%uD83D%uDD27%u2699%uFE0F1 year free adjustments!

%u2714%uFE0F%u2714%uFE0F30 day FREE check over!

Financing Availible! 6 months same as cash! 


%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5 Last One In Stock! %uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5

%uD83C%uDF1F%uD83C%uDF1F Women’s GTR Series 4 Medium 49 cm %uD83C%uDF1F%uD83C%uDF1F

%u2728 Deep Blue Frame Color. Changes With Light. 
%u2728 20 Speed
%u2728 Sora Components 
%u2728 Great Starter Road Bike 
%u2728 Very Light Weight

%uD83D%uDCB2Originally $1029.99
%uD83D%uDCB2NOW ONLY $899.99!!!
( Base Bike Price )

%uD83D%uDEB4‍%u2640%uFE0F%uD83D%uDEB4‍%u2640%uFE0F%uD83D%uDEB4‍%u2640%uFE0F Women’s Free Custom Fit! 
(New parts added during fit are extra)

%uD83D%uDD27%u2699%uFE0F 1 Year FREE Adjustments Parts and Labor! 
%u2714%uFE0F%u2714%uFE0F FREE 30 Day Checkover!

%uD83D%uDCB0%uD83D%uDCB0Financing Available! 6 Months Same As Cash 




 %u2B50%uFE0F%u2B50%uFE0FAre you under 5 foot looking for a great road bike for Ragbrai? We got you covered!

%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5 LAST ONE IN STOCK%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5

%uD83D%uDEB2%uD83D%uDEB2 White Cannondale Carbon Synapse 44 cm 105 Women’s Custom Fit!

%uD83D%uDCB2%uD83D%uDCB2Originally $2,529.99 
%uD83D%uDCB2%uD83D%uDCB2 NOW $2,129.99!! $500 OFF (Base bike price)

%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA520 Spd. 
%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5Shimano 105 components 
%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5Carbon frame
%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5Custom Fit

%u2699%uFE0F%uD83D%uDD27 1 year free adjustments, parts, and labor! 
%u2714%uFE0F%u2714%uFE0F30 day FREE check over!

(Any additional items added during custom fit are extra)

%uD83D%uDCB0%uD83D%uDCB0Financing Available! 6 Months Same As Cash 


%uD83C%uDF88%uD83C%uDF88Closeout Bike %uD83C%uDF88%uD83C%uDF88
%u2B50%uFE0F%u2B50%uFE0FCannondale Purple 48cm Synapse Alloy 105%u2B50%uFE0F%u2B50%uFE0F
%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5Last One In Stock%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5

%uD83D%uDD39Woman’s Custom Fit
%uD83D%uDD39 Aluminum Frame
%uD83D%uDD39 Shimano 105 Components 
%uD83D%uDD39 20 Speed

%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5Originally $1,639.99%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5
%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5NOW $1,539.99%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5%uD83D%uDCA5
(Base Bike Price)

%uD83D%uDEB4‍%u2640%uFE0F%uD83D%uDEB4‍%u2640%uFE0FFREE CUSTOM FIT! 
(Any parts added during fit are extra cost)

%u2714%uFE0F%u2714%uFE0FFREE 30 DAY CHECKOVER!
%uD83D%uDD27%u2699%uFE0F 1 Year Free Adjustments, Parts, & Labor!

Financing Is Availiable!